These testimonials were provided by different stakeholders at the initial stage of the project

“We have started seeing the glimpse of hope now. I’m single mother of one child. OMCUCA is supporting my child 400 ETB monthly. But it is quite difficult to lead our life through this amount of money. So, I was running small bar that sell alcohol as a pretext to cover prostitution as my main job of living. And I was always at the very edge of negotiation for the payment of sex; therefore, I was subject to sexual harassment, which carries a huge number of risks including HIV/AIDS. But after I joined the gardening project, I have started seeing the glimpse of hope. Now my livelihood option and my lifestyle are changing; and it is the legitimate time to increase my level of income.” Project Beneficiary

“Our office has recognized beneficiaries of the city farm as legally organized association so that the government assists them in establishing market linkage with potential customers such as hotel owners, Adigrat University, Adigrat Hospital and other potential customers of the farm. The project is of paramount contribution in enhancing employability in the city. Young people are moving into job and increment in their earnings is certain. Our office will also provide them technical support and loan 4 service as it does to every other small business group organized according to small-and microenterprises regulation promoted by the Government.” Mr Goyteom G/Selassie Small-and Micro-Enterprises Office, Adigrat District

"In our city Adigrat, there are quite significant number of poor men and women living with HIV/AIDS. There are hundreds of children who have lost both or one of their parents by AIDS. Our Office’s practical observation witnesses that the impact of HIV/AIDS on the infected and affected people, particularly those living in abject poverty, is enormous and their number is large enough to merit project intervention from the side of concerned government and civil society organizations. But now, many thanks to AFFORD, WHEAT MST & OMCUCA, the city farm project is implemented to improve the livelihood of the targeted beneficiaries in our city through the establishment of multipurpose urban agricultural farm. The project has started playing an encouraging role in reducing unemployment in our city. Many housewives, street children and jobless heads of households living with HIV/AIDS are moving into work. We also believe that this project plays its own part in reducing crime in the city because some orphaned children have been involved in anti-social activities as a desperate measure of survival instead of schooling”. Mrs Masho Nugusse, Office of Labor and Social Affairs

“Currently, in Ethiopia, due to rapid economic growth and high number of population, the issue of obtaining land is not as such an easy task. Some organizations, associations and investors have been requesting our municipality to provide them the plot of land as we gave to OMCUCA for the gardening project. It is weighting all these options that we lastly reached at an agreement to supply about 4000 sq meters to OMCUCA. Now we feel proud of our decision. We are watching certain improvements in the physical farm infrastructure development and a glimmer of hope in the targeted beneficiaries. We are working closely with the project and we are directing our agricultural experts to consult the gardening project in identifying the best possible feasible alternatives that maximize economic benefit for the targeted beneficiaries. Beyond its societal and economic values, the project has also undeniable role in improving the climatic condition of our city. A good beginning is half done!" Ato Tesfa Lidet Desta, Mayor ofAdigrat City

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